Visual Art Lessons in Markham and Richmond Hill

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Explore your creativity and imagination with this fun hands-on introductory course on making or working with three-dimensional art objects. Students will be doing paper crafts, textile crafts, and decorative crafts at their own pace in an encouraging and positive environment. Projects may include arm knitting, paper flowers, trivet or rug weaving, and more!










Visual Art – Building the Foundation (Beginner)

This foundation-level course will introduce students to a range of drawing and application techniques through drawing exercises to develop an awareness of the elements and principles of design, such as line, shape, form, colour, texture, space, and value. Students will explore and draw from a variety of art forms, styles, and techniques from contemporary and traditional contexts. Elements and principles of visual arts will be used to express and communicate ideas, feelings, and understandings. Students are expected to bring a sketchbook (minimum 8.5 x 11 in.), pencil, eraser, and pencil crayons.









Visual Art – Guided Explorations (Intermediate)

Learn about the different two-dimensional genres in art, such as the cartooning, still life, portraiture, landscape, in this intermediate-level course. Students are encouraged to find personal, imaginative solutions to projects and assignments while exploring the principles of visual arts, such as unity, harmony, variety, balance, and contrast. They will have a chance to experiment and play with a range of art making techniques and mediums, such as watercolour, acrylic paint, oil pastels, and chalk pastels.








Visual Art – Studio Program (Advanced)

This advanced-level course will be open-ended. With the guidance and support of the resident artist-instructor, students will create personally meaningful projects that connect with broader themes and ideas. They will be maintaining an art journal or sketchbook, which students will use to push ideas further, document their artistic process, and build strong work habits in order to discover their artistic voice. In this course, students will develop higher-level skills in a range of materials, processes, and techniques that can be applied in their own art production. They will work with traditional and emerging media and technologies of their choice and will be challenged to create work on a more ambitious scale.




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