Guitar Lessons at Hanway Music School in Markham

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Ages: 6 and up


Genres: Rock, Pop, Indie, Blues, Classic Rock, Classical (Nylon)


Length: 30 Minutes, 45 Minutes, 60 Minutes

They say that the piano is the king of all instruments, but guitar is the smartest instrument. Built for portability, the guitar helps us make music wherever we go.

At Hanway Music School in Toronto, our weekly guitar lessons gives our students a chance to learn their favourite tunes, learn from professionals and create weekly measurable goals and objectives.

For beginner students: Lessons start by building fundamental skills such as finger picking, note reading and strumming patterns. 

For advanced students: Lessons can be structured to the RCM examination style, or assisting with songs of the student’s preference.

Homework is assigned weekly which includes practising of: songs, technique, and theory.

Our classes also provides our student’s to play in bands and provide performing skills while on stage!


What We Offer

Intuitive approach based on students preference

Well rounded music learning experience including ear training and sight reading

Annual student recital, masterclass, charity concerts

Band Performance Opportunities

Interactive and multimedia usage to enhance musical experience

After lesson support over phone, email, messaging




Lorne MacDonald


Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar,

Education: York University

Style:Classical, Jazz, Folk, Rock, Pop

Language: English

Available Time: Thursday PM, Sunday AM/PM

Lorne began studying guitar when he was 12 years old and I have been teaching since 2015. When he was a kid my favorite thing to do was to go to my guitar lessons and in my free time, playing rock and pop music on electric guitar. As he became older, he developed a passion for classical guitar. He began to study privately with renowned guitar virtuoso, RCM faculty member and examiner James Brown. With James, he became classically trained through the RCM examination system as well as in performance and Jazz improve. He learned that achieving the best grade possible in an RCM exam requires a very refined technique, strong articulation, attention to detail and knowledge of the history behind each piece. It is not about the quantity of the pieces you can play but the quality of how you can play them.

Although Lorne really enjoy performing, his true passion is teaching. My first step when meeting a new student is to acknowledge what they like and dislike and any goals they may have. Always trying to keep things as intriguing as possible, introducing new things that will hopefully spark the students interest.



“Lorne was very patient with my 8 year old son who just began learning the instrument. He always tries new activities to keep him engaged during class!” – Esther W



Tim Chiu


Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar,

Education: York University

Style: Jazz, Folk, Rock, Pop

Language: English, Mandarin

Available Time: Monday PM, Tuesday PM, Saturday PM

Tim Chiu holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree studying classical piano from York University with entrance scholarship, as well as Bachelor of Education from Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, illegible to teach Music and Drama from Grade 7 to Grade 12 in Ontario Public Schools. Began his musical journey since six years old, and passionate for both music performance and education, Tim has almost a decade of teaching experience at the age of twenty-five already.

Although he came from a Classical background, Tim has extensive experience in Pop, Rock, Blues, Electronic, and other genres of music as well. He started playing in bands since high school and performed songs in many genres. Being the keyboardist of his band, Moonfall, he is also attuned for sound design, recording, and composition. He has performed in several local events, including Night It Up, Waterfront Night Market, Taiwan Fest, and many others.



“Tim’s lessons are very educational and his step by step approach allows me to take my time to begin the instrument! – Bobby W









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